Get Behind Donnie Davies!

Keeping this Evening Service videos on-line has proven surprisingly vexing! MySpace systematically eliminates our accounts and replaces them with Godless fake copies pandering corrupt AIDS charities owned by Rupert Murdoch. Even Google with its covenant of "do no evil" has proven slippery as the devil when handling our message. Its very ironic when you compare with the nearly endless coverage given to certain "fag haters" on major media outlets. Donnie clearly believes that "God Hates Fags" but he knows that God hates everybody else too. If you are looking for Love then look to Jesus, that's the Bible talking!

Why do Google, MySpace and virtually all major media outlets work to silence Donnie's message? Why can MySpace remove a user's account and replace it with their own? What can you do about it? What will you do about it?

We need people to host copies of the video so that no single organization can take it down. If you put it on your website, let us know so we can link to you. Let the corrupt liberal media know that American consumers aren't asleep at the wheel. We won't stand by while the Internet is turned into a stinky cable TV version of itself. Get it up! Put it up! Then write and tell us where you stuck it! Donnie wants to know!